The Endourological Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 by a group of international urologists. The society was established in an effort to facilitate scientific dialogue among endourologists worldwide in the form of annual meetings, circulation of scientific literature, and surgical skill training courses/hands on laboratory sessions.

The Endourological Society was founded after three successful annual meetings held in London (1983), Germany (1984), and USA (1985). The Society was officially instituted on May 1, 1984 and incorporated on April 18, 1985. Since then the society has sponsored annual meetings held at different sites of the world.

Currently, the Endourological Society has sub-societies through out the world including the British Society of Endourology, the Mexican Endourological Society, and the Korean Endourology and ESWL Society.

The first official newsletter of the Endourological Society, titled The Endourology Newsletter was circulated worldwide and was met with enthusiasm. In 1987, the “Newsletter” was replaced by the Journal of Endourology, a monthly peer-reviewed publication. Recently the Journal expanded its content to include the groundbreaking video journal, Videourology™, which enables physicians to learn, evaluate, and implement new surgical techniques and technologies in their surgical practice. Videos can be viewed online or downloaded using the most up-to-date Flash, QuickTime, and MP4 formats for use with your tablet or other mobile device.

The Journal has a broad international editorial board with expertise in endourology and laparoscopy. In addition, it is the Official Journal for the affiliated sub-societies. Due to the increase in translational research and innovative techniques in endourology and laparoscopy, the journal has gradually increased the number of issues from four to twelve a year within the last two decades.

The Endourological Society extends several privileges to its members. Members receive the Journal of Endourology and Part B, Videourology and are notified periodically of scientific meetings, essay contests and endourology/laparoscopy fellowship programs.             

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