感谢本 / We're Thanking:

以患者为先的理念和创新精神使库克成为了泌尿外科的领导者之⼀。我们专注于结⽯管理和泌 尿肿瘤领域,提供不折不扣的⾼质量解决⽅案,并引以为傲。透过与全球的医疗专家合作,我们致⼒于联⼿促进治疗效果,并为泌尿外科专业带来改变。我 相信医⽣与产业合作是提供更好的医疗的关键。这,是我们的核⼼信念。我们的教育和培训 划⿎励共享作业规范和学习使⽤库克的创新产品的新技巧。

A patient-first philosophy and innovative spirit have helped Cook become a leader in urology. With a focus on stone management and urologic oncology, we pride ourselves on providing quality solutions without compromise. By uniting with healthcare professionals around the world, we’re committed to advancing treatment and making a difference, together.

At our core, we believe industry-physician collaboration is vital to providing better healthcare. Our Education and Training programs encourage sharing best practices and learning new techniques using Cook’s latest product innovations.